Friday, February 22, 2013

Maybelline: The Vivids Review!

I admit, I never thought I would like Maybelline lipsticks. Their line in general does not impress me. I had a terrible time with their Fit Me Foundation, and their mascaras are less than pleasing to me. However, when I saw they had launched a new line of lipsticks in obnoxiously bright colours, I had to google swatches. Well, long story short, I fell in love and now own three. I intend to own them all, but the $72 I am obtaining this week is to go to something I need to repurchase, and a palette that was on my February beauty wishlist.

On to the review!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Two FOTDs using the Urban Decay Vice Palette

Being this week is my break off of school, I've had the opportunity to play around with my eyeshadow. This has resulted in two looks from the same palette, which is where the 10% of my coloured shadows come from. The Urban Decay Vice palette came from their holiday collection, and retailed for $59. Unfortunately, it is no longer available. "I feel bad for showing this," says every guru ever. If you grabbed it, lucky you. If not, I am sorry.
I will be showing you two looks I created in the past two days with this palette, one neutral and one not.
Urban Decay Vice Palette

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Most Comprehensive Naked Palette Post You'll Ever Need

So, knowing me, you'll know I'm a fanatic of neutral eyeshadows. It's actually getting kind of sad, since out of the six palettes I own, 90% of the shadows are neutral. If I hadn't gotten the UD Vice Palette, I would own 99% neutral shadows. Also, knowing me, you'll know I get sick of all the Naked palette threads on Beautylish. About a month or so ago, I declared I would do this one day but never got around to it. So here it is, the most comprehensive Naked palette post anyone would ever need, so they can stop asking questions about it.

I will be swatching both palettes, giving similar shades and telling you my opinions on both palettes.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Review: the crappiest deodorant anyone will ever use.

It's no secret: everyone sweats. It's a fact/matter of life. Some people sweat more than others. I have no shame in admitting that I am one of those people. It's gotten better over the years, but I still feel like using the drugstore clinical strength deodorant because it gives me a lot better protection than scents with cutesy names.

And today, I bring you a review on the crappiest one of these I have tried. It's so bad that it warranted a blog post, and I will more than likely be writing to the company about it. I give you Secret's Clinical Strength deodorant.

RANT: my problem with YouTube and Beautylish.

First off: my apologies for being AWOL for the past however amount of days, life happened and I had about twenty assignments due, leaving me no time for this precious new baby of mine. Thankfully, I am on a week long break from school this week so I should be able to create a plethora of new posts, given what I have now.

Anyway, I have come today with nothing super beauty related, just based around the beauty community. I'm fairly active on YouTube and Beautylish, but I have come across some problems lately that are too long to rant about on Twitter.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Beauty Wishlist: February 2013

With all the spring releases occuring, I've accumulated a little wishlist. However, only a few are from actual spring releases. Spring makeup collections typically don't amaze me, just a couple things here and there. A lot of these products may either be new, new to me, or something I've been lusting after for a long time. I often stalk beauty blogs very very far back and find what I do and don't like.

Here we go!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Best Eyeliner You Will Ever Use.

For the longest time, I was using Almay's liquid eyeliner in Black Pearl, but I realized how much I loved matte black eyeliner. Thanks to a recommendation, I picked up Revlon's Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen in Blackest Black. After using it, I don't think I've loved an eyeliner more than I have this one.