Friday, February 22, 2013

Maybelline: The Vivids Review!

I admit, I never thought I would like Maybelline lipsticks. Their line in general does not impress me. I had a terrible time with their Fit Me Foundation, and their mascaras are less than pleasing to me. However, when I saw they had launched a new line of lipsticks in obnoxiously bright colours, I had to google swatches. Well, long story short, I fell in love and now own three. I intend to own them all, but the $72 I am obtaining this week is to go to something I need to repurchase, and a palette that was on my February beauty wishlist.

On to the review!

The lipsticks come in a red-orange packaging, and is quite sturdy for the price.
These lipsticks retail anywhere from $5.50 to $8, depending on where you pick them up. I got mine at Target for $5.64. I have three shades, Fuschia Flash, Shocking Coral, and Electric Orange. All three of the lipsticks have fantastic pigmentation and formulation. You only need one swipe for opaque colour, but the lasting power increases with more layering. For each of these, I can get about 4-5 hours without reapplication, Fuschia Flash lasting the longest. They're very moisturizing, which your lips will definitely thank you for.

Each lipstick comes with the label on the bottom, making it convenient to store horizontally in an acrylic container.  
Fuschia Flash, Shocking Coral, Electric Orange

Fuschia Flash is a vibrant blue based pink. I get almost six hours of straight wear with this, and reapplication isn't "necessary" due to it leaving a slight stain on the lips. Creme finish, richly pigmented. A full description of the colour/why I bought it can be found here. I get multiple compliments when I wear this, and I believe it can be a dupe for MAC's Candy Yum Yum (at least, it is, according to the Bath and Body Works saleslady I encountered last Saturday). 

Shocking Coral is a true coral, and is also in my Favourite Lip Picks post. I can get a little more than five hours out of this lipstick, and it's stunning to wear. It's one of the more "subdued" colours in the line. I love this colour to death. It can be an every day colour, and it leaves a beautiful stain.

Electric Orange is one in the collection that I absolutely lusted after for the longest time. I showed my best friend swatches of the entire line and she told me I needed to get it. Fortunately enough, mom gifted it to me on Valentine's Day. It's beautiful, I really cannot get enough of orange lip colours. It stains the lips, but it also provides the least amount of wear on the lips. I got about four hours, which is better than most lipsticks, but also a pain in the butt to reapply in the middle of class. 

I believe these are permanent, but I am not entirely sure. I have seen them in both stand-alone displays and incorporated into the permanent display. If anyone knows, could you please alert me? If they're limited edition, tears will occur. These are some of my favourite lipsticks and I would hate to see them go/hate to have to hoard them and need an intervention.

Do you own any of them/have any you're lusting after?

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