Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Most Comprehensive Naked Palette Post You'll Ever Need

So, knowing me, you'll know I'm a fanatic of neutral eyeshadows. It's actually getting kind of sad, since out of the six palettes I own, 90% of the shadows are neutral. If I hadn't gotten the UD Vice Palette, I would own 99% neutral shadows. Also, knowing me, you'll know I get sick of all the Naked palette threads on Beautylish. About a month or so ago, I declared I would do this one day but never got around to it. So here it is, the most comprehensive Naked palette post anyone would ever need, so they can stop asking questions about it.

I will be swatching both palettes, giving similar shades and telling you my opinions on both palettes.

The Naked 1 is well-loved in the beauty community. I don't know one person who loves makeup who doesn't know what it is. When I was gifted some Christmas money, I went out and bought it about two months ago. This was about four months after I got the Naked 2. Now that I have both, I can say that I've reached for the Naked 1 a lot more than the 2. I haven't hit pan on anything, because I don't viciously use it every day, and by no means have I even made a sizeable dent in anything. I've made a smallish dent in Virgin, and it's one of my favourite all-over-the-lid colours.

Now to the palette/colour descriptions! I'll be describing the colours to the best of my ability, since I'm actually really bad at describing them. Swatches are taken on my unnaturally pale skin in natural lighting.

Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked
Virgin is a light champagne colour, barely showing up on my skin, satin finish. Sin is a pink champagne, satin finish. Naked  is a matte mid-tone brown. Sidecar is a bronzey shade with a satin finish. Buck is a slightly deeper mid-tone brown with a matte finish. Half Baked is a warm gold shade, also with a satin finish.

Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, Gunmetal
Smog is a friendly mix between a gold and a bronze, satin finish. Darkhorse is a deep brown with a slight olive tone to it in the pan, satin finish. Toasted in the pan is a deep pink-brown, but when swatched, comes across as a deep brown-bronze with a deep pink undertone, satin finish. Hustle is a deep taupe, satin finish. Creep is a demi-matte charcoal. Gunmetal is, well, a gunmetal colour. If I were to describe it, I would say charcoal with a heavy blue undertone.

Overall, this palette is one of my all time favourites. I do wish it would have more than two mattes, but hey, that's what the Naked Basics is for. It's quite versatile for all skin tones and multiple kinds of looks. When it first came out, it retailed for $48 and came with a dual ended eyeliner. Now, it retails for $50, and comes with a mini Urban Decay Primer potion. The primer is not my favourite, and I hate the packaging. I would have much rather had the eyeliner.

Naked 2!

I snagged this palette in July of 2012, and it has a lot more use/wear than my Naked 1 for that reason. This palette also has two matte shades, and enough shimmer to make even Ke$ha happy. The shadows are a lot cooler-toned, and that is why I don't reach for it as much now. I have used my favourite shadow in the palette to half-panning. 

Foxy, Half Baked, Booty Call, Chopper, Tease, Snakebite
Foxy is a very, very yellow cream matte. I liked this shade for a while, then hated it, and now only use it when a white cream matte is not useful to me. Not as pigmented as I would like. Half Baked should seem familiar. It was in the last palette. To me, it's a lot cooler than in the original palette, and will compare the two later. Booty Call is a golden champagne with a slight pink undertone, satin finish. Chopper is a cool-toned medium bronze, satin finish. Tease is a very cool-toned taupe, seems almost purple at times, matte finish. Snakebite is a deep brown, satin finish.

Suspect, Pistol, Verve, YDK,  Busted, Blackout
Suspect is the lighter cousin of Snakebite. Mid toned brown, satin finish. Pistol is a hybrid of charcoal and a mid-toned brown, satin finish. Verve, another one of my favourites, is a hybrid silver-champagne colour. Satin finish. YDK is a deep brown with heavy, heavy shimmer. Step above satin finish, but not a gritty, glitter finish. Busted is the darker sister of Tease. Deep purple toned brown, demi-matte finish. Blackout is a matte black.

This palette also retails for $50 and comes with a mini Lip Junkie lip gloss in the colour "Naked". It's very much a "my lips but better" shade. Palette is well worth it, but some of the heavy-shimmer shades are difficult to work with. I would recommend doing eyes before face makeup with this one.

Shade comparisons!

I took a whole bunch of pictures but somehow the HDR option on my phone decided to freak out and turn natural lighting into "white as paper" and cast out all but two of my swatch photos.

Half Baked in Naked 1, Half Baked in Naked 2
Am I the only one who sees a difference here? The first swatch seems a lot more bronze, whereas the second seems a lot more of a yellow gold. I'm not complaining, because a gold is a gold is a gold, but those who say it's a complete repeat aren't entirely lying.

Smog, Chopper, Sidecar
So this is the only other "comparison" swatch I had that worked due to some crappy lighting. These are the bronzier shades, and Chopper is clearly the bronziest. It appears a bit warmer, but it's a colour, who really cares?

Naked 1

Naked 2

All in all, they're both very good palettes. The Naked 1 has warmer shades, and would be a lot more versatile with many skin tones, as well as different looks, including transition looks. The Naked 2 works a lot better with cooler undertones, in my opinion. While I have warm undertones, I can also lean on the neutral side and it will work with me, but a lot of the shades are iffy if not used correctly. The Naked 2 has a lot more shimmer, but both palettes have an equal amount of satin finish eyeshadows. They're both well worth your money and they're something someone can use every day if they wanted to.

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